11 July 2012, 10:00 am

Nearly a year on from a major restyle, the new website of Ansaldo STS (STS.MI) has been revamped with new content and services to keep standards high and meet user requirements even more effectively. As well as fully updated graphics, the Ansaldo STS website offers brand new solutions that bring it closer to international best practice via the Corporate Message platform.

The key new features are centralised management of the general archive, where users can easily view the full range of corporate documentation, organised according to different variables and with views partially included in internal pages (one point of update function), using an advanced search engine and prompter.

More HTML content has been integrated, with multimedia material on-site and a new Multimedia Gallery – structured in two macro sections for photographs and video – that responds quickly and efficiently to requests, particularly from the media.

Interactive tools have also been introduced on an ad hoc basis in areas of heavy internal traffic: "Organisational structure", "Ansaldo around the world" and "History". In the organisational structure, visitors can click through the boxes for each role to the manager's CV and photo, and they can also navigate around the world using a map with personalised graphics that display order, revenues and headcount figures for each area in which Ansaldo operates. The history section includes a single picture and text application that tells the story of the Group since 1850; users can interact with this section by clicking on periods of special interest.

Lastly, there has been a particular focus on the organisation of the Company's financial data, which can now be navigated thanks to one of the most innovative message tools on the market, giving the user an interactive and tailor-made experience. This application was developed in Java Script and provides a broad base of quantitative data, viewable according to a range of variables (type, business unit, geographical region and time period). There are many types of graphics available, and users can print or download data in MS Excel format and pictures in JPG format directly from the application.

Media Contact :
Ansaldo STS
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