Monday, May 13, 2013 - 14:45

As this is the fourth annual Ansaldo STS sustainability report, we believe that the culture of sustainable growth has been increasingly developed within the company and throughout our various branches, and less because we operate in a sector that is already highly focused on these aspects, and more because we have approached sustainability as a strategic choice informed by our awareness of the importance that it has in relationships with all the company’s stakeholders.

We focus on sustainability because we operate in a sector that favours the use of means with a low impact on the environment and because we are convinced that practices that integrate sustainability in the business generate the best results over time, at least in terms of their reliability and duration. Ansaldo STS upholds sustainable practices because sustainability is intrinsic to our mission, which is to develop railway and urban rail transportation systems by offering increasingly sophisticated products and solutions that are safe, environmentally-friendly and that ensure the related systems are safe and effi cient. It is our aim to help improve the daily lives of everyone who directly or indirectly uses these systems.