07 March 2014, 17:45 pm

Genoa, 7 March 2014


  • Consolidated and draft financial statements 2013 approved
  • Ansaldo STS recognized a consolidated net profit of EUR 75 million (-1.2%) in 2013
  • New orders worth EUR 1,484 million (-0.6%) in 2013
  • Order backlog worth EUR 5,601 million (-1.4%)
  • Revenue at EUR 1,256 million (+0.7%)
  • EBIT at EUR 118 million (+0.9%)
  • Net financial position (positive net cash) at EUR (260) million (-13.9%)
  • Total dividend amount for EUR 28.8 million proposed to the Shareholders’ Meeting, unchanged compared with past year (EUR 0.16 per share)
  • 2014 Guidance
  • Corporate Governance Report
  •  Remuneration Report

Ansaldo STS SpA (STS.MI) Board of Directors, held today under the chairmanship of Sergio De Luca, approved the draft financial statements for 2013. The draft will be presented at the Shareholders’ Meeting convened for 15 April 2014, in a single call.

The Board also approved the consolidated financial statements of the Ansaldo STS Group at 31 December 2013.

2013 ended with a consolidated net profit of EUR 74.8 million compared to 75.7 million recorded in 2012.

The Board of Directors has decided to propose to the Shareholders’ Meeting to distribute a dividend of EUR 0.16 for each of the apx. 180 million shares with dividend rights, gross of withholding tax. Both the total value of the dividends proposed (about EUR 28.8 million) and the value per share (adjusted after the fourth tranche of free capital increase of 15 July 2013) are the same as 2012.

The dividend will be payable as from 22 May 2014 (payment date), with coupon date (coupon no.11) of 19 May 2014 with a payout ratio of 38.4% of the consolidated profit, compared to 38.1% in 2012. Those being shareholders of Ansaldo STS SpA at the close of business day of 21 May 2014 (the record date) will be entitled to the dividend.

Stefano Siragusa, CEO of Ansaldo STS, stated:

“The financial year has been positive and in line with expectations; the following activities confirm the positive operating performance achieved by the Group: the deliveries at the beginning of 2013 and the correct operation of the automatic underground systems of Brescia and Milan during the year; the implementation of the ERTMS signalling system, 2.5.3 version, on the ESTER project in Sweden; delivery of the first central system on the railway Turin-Padua in Italy; and finally the activation of the first subway station in Ankara at the beginning of 2014.

In general terms, the reference market of the Group continues to grow at annual rates of around 2-3%; this growth, however, is accompanied by strong price competition, particularly in the signalling business. The Group responds to this challenge both by trying to innovate and differentiate its product portfolio, and by constantly seeking to improve its operational efficiency and effectiveness through appropriate plans (for example, to be highlighted the improvement of about 1.5 p.p. in the SG&A on revenue ratio during the last five years) The management has thus continued to pursue the update of the company’s procedures in order to enhance the Group’s ability to manage and control the risks. The organizational structure has also been modified to meet the new market needs and pursue the objective of enhancing its efficiency.”