09 November 2016, 17:00 pm

Genoa, 9th November 2016

Today the Court of Genoa rejected Elliott’s request of a precautionary suspension of the shareholders’ resolutions both dated 13 May 2016 (i) for the appointment of Ansaldo STS Board of Directors; and (ii) for the appointment of the Chairman Mr. Alistair Dormer because the petition is without ground.

Ansaldo STS expresses its satisfaction for the decision of the Court that not only prevents the occurrence of a circumstance which would have seriously jeopardised the stability of the company and its business but also affirms that the Elliott claims have no grounds.

Namely, the Court stated that all events occurred before the appointment may not be held against the Company and its Board because "the events are not within the scope of knowledge of the current corporate bodies (these events took place prior to their appointment and ANSALDO had no involvement)" and that the directors in office have been legitimately appointed.