Heavy Haul and Freight networks

Hitachi Rail STS is the global partner for heavy haul mining and freight railways.
Its advanced, modular and scalable planning and control systems have improved the network safety, reliability and efficiency to higher levels.

Benefits of Hitachi Rail STS’s Heavy Haul and Freight System solution

The advanced signalling and telecommunications system developed by Hitachi Rail STS features satellite positioning, and sets a new benchmark for operational flexibility and upgradability for heavy haulage mining railways. 

It’s also:

  • Based on Hitachi Rail STS’s proven knowledge, products and experience 
  • Modular, scalable
  • Enables cost-effective solutions that can be enhanced and expanded over time
  • Allows option of simple migration to a fully automated system (including Driverless Automatic Train Operation) 

Australian mining Railways Projects

Hitachi Rail STS has been developing and delivering signalling and transportation solutions for heavy haul mining railway operations in Western Australia for more than 25 years and is currently delivering a number of turnkey solutions in the Pilbara region in the state’s north west.

First automated Heavy Haul railway. Hitachi Rail STS’s automated train management technology is enabling the automation of a 1,500 km remote heavy haulage iron ore rail network.

Hitachi Rail STS Freight Main References Australia

  • Rio Tinto Iron Ore Framework Agreement (Australia) – 2000 km Signalling and Telecommunication: Radio-based Signalling with Automatic Driving – Wayside & Onboard
  • Roy Hill Iron Ore Project (Australia) – 350 km Signalling and Telecommunication: Radio-based Signalling with Satellite Localization – Wayside & Onboard
  • Fortescue Metal Group Signalling and Telecommunications (Australia) – 250 km Signalling (Interlocking) and Telecommunications
  • Hamersley Iron Long Hancock Rail (Australia) – 65 km Signalling (Interlocking, ATP), Telecommunications and Asset Protection
  • Aurizon (formerly Queensland Rail National) – Synergy Alliance to design and implement several Signalling projects (Interlocking) in Eastern Australia
  • Pilbara Iron 7-Mile Yard (Australia) – Design and implement Signalling systems (Interlocking)
  • Australia Rail Track Corporation Alliance – AANCSA Alliance to design and implement several Signalling and Telecommunication projects (Interlocking, Train Control & Dispatching, TLC)
  • Australia Rail Track Corporation / Lockheed Martin – 120 km Pilot Project, Design and Supply of Advanced Train Management System ATMS (Interlocking, Train Control, ATP, Satellite Localization) – Wayside & Onboard
  • Robe River Iron Western Creek to Cape Lambert & Mesa A Projects (Australia) – Signalling  (Interlocking, Train Control, ATP, Asset Protection) and Telecommunications – Wayside & Onboard
  • Brookfield (formerly WestNet Rail) Midwest Rail (Australia) – Signalling Systems (Interlocking and Computer-Assisted Train Control) for several projects
  • Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group Port to Kooragang (Australia) – Signalling Systems (Interlocking and Train Control)
  • PTA (formerly Westrail) Koolyanobbing-Kalgoorlie (Australia) – 190 km line Signalling Systems (Interlocking)

Hitachi Rail STS Freight Main References North America

  • Positive Train Control (PTC) 
    • VitalNet™ PTC Components and System already implemented:
      • Union Pacific
      • CSX Transportation
      • Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railways
    • PTC Office TSR-Server:
      • SEPTA
  • Office Systems
    • Over 80,000 km of freight lines managed by Hitachi Rail STS Office Systems, among which:
      • Union Pacific (Optimizing Traffic Planner)
      • CSX Transportation (Dispatch and Automation System)
  • MicroLok  II Interlocking & Signalling Components (LED Signals, Level Crossings, Relays, Track Circuits, Switch Machines)
    • Over 10,000 units sold to U.S.A. & Canada Freight Railroads, among which:
      • Union Pacific
      • CSX Transportation
      • Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railways
      • Canadian Pacific
      • Canadian National Railway
      • Alaska Railroad
      • Norfolk Southern
      • Kansas City Southern Lines
      • Quebec North Shore & Labrador Railway