Several years ago, Hitachi Rail STS introduced sophisticated IT tools to its global recruitment process so that each recruiter has access to a single database of CVs gathered from a variety of sources. This made it possible to increasingly minimise the use of employment agencies and head hunters.

An agreement signed in 2014 with LinkedIn enabled the Company to improve Talent Acquisition strategies and achieve positive results both in terms of CVs received, applications considered and employer branding.

The constant updating of the Company profile and publication of news on the Company’s business development (handled by the External Affairs Office) have kept the participation in social networks alive, partly as a result of the new line of editorial content managed by the LinkedIn Narrative Team, consisting of several HR personnel from around the world.

The success of the Hitachi Rail STS LinkedIn page can be seen from the number of followers which has increased exponentially in recent years, reaching over 70,000 in 2017.

The direct connection between LinkedIn and the Talent Management System (TMS), the internal tool used to coordinate the selection process at global level which was updated in 2017, enables the Company to automatically publish details about vacancies in real time and access a wide network of candidates and CVs which, in 2017, reached unprecedented numbers. This gives the recruiters greater freedom and faster access to candidates. They can monitor specific user targets, narrowing their selection criteria.

In any case, universities, with which Hitachi Rail STS has forged many partnerships, continue to be a preferential channel for the recruitment and selection of personnel. Thanks to arrangements with universities, and with engineering departments in particular, each year the Company is able to interview and meet top students and new graduates, exemplary young people at the end of their university career who could become the shining lights of Hitachi Rail STS in the non-too-distant future.

Given the international nature of the Company’s activities and business, personnel, including senior management, are hired on the basis of the specific skills required for the role, regardless of where they are based. However, when projects require many years of maintenance after their roll-out (operation & maintenance), Hitachi Rail STS prefers to hire local technicians and staff and may seek to hire an entirely local team.

In 2017, 565 new resources were hired by Hitachi Rail STS (428 men and 137 women). In percentage terms, most new hires were in the under 30s category (+39%); in absolute terms, the 30-50 age group received the most new hires (+355 people).

<30 113 42 155 96 31 127
30-50 270 85 355 274 59 333
>50 45 10 55 37 8 45
TOTAL 428 137 565 407 98 505