Meran - Mals line

This state-of-the-art, completely automated system securely controls the entire Meran-Mals line, a 60km-long, single-track, non-electrified line with a 696-metre difference in level with a ruling gradient of 1 in 28; the maximum speed permitted is 120 km per hour and the minimum 70 km per hour.

Rome Termini Station ACC

Termini station in Rome has been equipped with an automatic train traffic control system based on the computerised control of the station’s points and signals.The first of its type in Italy and the only one in the world on such a large scale, this CBI system (ACC) not only controls the train traffic through Rome’s Termini station but also automatically monitors traffic on the entire Rome network (some 30 stations on 200 km of double-track line), identifying any anomalies well in advance, recording the opening/closing of signals and points movements, and setting the entry and departure routes of all trains from stations.