01 August 2018, 15:30 pm


We hereby announce that the ninth edition of Ansaldo STS’s annual Sustainability Report for the year 2017 has been made available to the public on the Company’s website today.

This Report, approved by the Board of Directors, approved on 31st July 2018, was audited (so-called "limited assurance") by the auditing company Ernst & Young in accordance with the provisions of ISAE 3000 (Revised).

The 2017 Report includes further developments to previous editions, such as an updated analysis of materiality created by increasing stakeholder engagement. In this edition, the mapping of the opportunities and potential risks related to sustainability are also highlighted, such as the analysis and accounting of engagement activities.

The CEO and General Manager of Ansaldo STS, Andy Barr, addressing all the stakeholders, stated as follows:

Our industry is considered to play a key role in answering the demand for a better, smarter and safer mobility with a clear social and environmental responsibility. We continue seizing the new opportunities by sharing the ethics and principles that have always characterised Ansaldo STS. This is for us sustainability for social development, which contributes with safe, efficient, reliable and ecologically compatible solutions, to achieve the objectives shared at international level, the c.d. UN Sustainable Development Goals. We focus on technical solutions aimed at responding to the needs of the users, in complex contexts and different lifestyles. For Ansaldo STS this means exploring and responding proactively to business opportunities and risks for future growth.

So once more in 2017, we have confirmed Ansaldo as a sustainable industry leader, which extends to the protection of the environment and resources, respect and protection of people and their safety, collaboration with local communities and dissemination of the principles of CSR with all partners working with us

Ansaldo STS has long been a member of the UN Global Compact and is a founding member of the Promoter of the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation and we have joined the Carbon Disclosure Project. Even more so today we are committed to developing sustainable goals (SDG's), as a natural approach to our business and DNA.

The section of Ansaldo STS website dedicated to sustainability is increasingly updated and allows us to reflect on these issues. A digital version of the Sustainability Report will be also available, with the aim of providing a dynamic and transparent information platform that integrates economic, social and environmental visions.

The culture of sustainability produces concrete facts. In 2017 we completed and delivered more than 70 projects, plants and lines activated in different parts of the world, about 1700 km (+ 31% vs 2016) of lines and more than 285 stations equipped with our technologies. Works were performed in line with this approach and ethics, as demonstrated by the main results highlighted by the new edition of the sustainability report, such as:

  • 32 new sustainability objectives with time horizon 2018/2019
  • Reduction of electricity consumption per hour worked 9.7% (2015-2017)
  • Total reduction of electricity 3.5%
  • •3.368 hours (+ 25.7%) total training provided (22 average hours per employee)

The 2017 Sustainability Report is available on the website, in the Italian and English version, at the page: 2017 Sustainability Report or Video