18 December 2018, 12:00 pm

“The Enterprise Bargaining Agreement Level 2 signature holds great importance for Ansaldo STS. It shows the direction taken by our company in order to improve its competitiveness, and at the same time, that our colleagues strongly support our choices,” explains Ansaldo STS CEO and GM Andy Barr.

The Agreement, which comes after a year of discussion and with the commitment of the Human Resources department, defines the general overview for Ansaldo STS’s financial figures and the railway industry scenario. It also lists the improvements adopted as a result of the Agreement.The main areas of improvement are related to company welfare, flexibility, and smart working. The goal of the Agreement is to give continuity to the achievements recently put into place, which aim to harmonise and improve work capabilities and exploit the latest technological tools available.

“Among the topics addressed during the discussion, we payed particular attention to the management of resources. Smart working focuses on employee performance independently of where or when it is performed. Such improvement represents our company’s commitment to evolving along with the market and moving in the same direction as our competitors. The Agreement will allow us also to confirm the company’s growing path as it has been designed with the Hitachi Group,” adds Giovanni De Liso, Vice president Human Resources and Organization.

The Agreement offers a new array of possibilities for Ansaldo STS’s employees in terms of services. Company welfare will give the business the opportunity to decide if and how it puts i its available resources to use for supporting employee families and relatives. Another aspect of the Agreement defines new business trip refund tariffs. Employee bonuses, which will reach* a total of €11,700 per person in the three-year period from 2019 to2021.

*The highest gross annual bonus, referred to as the 7th level (parameter 130) is as follows: 2019=3 €700; 2020= €3900; 2021= €4100