The Mission

Hitachi Rail STS maintains the leadership in the Freight sector within the Freight Domestic Markets (Australia, U.S.A.) through its excellence in Components, Systems, Turnkey Solutions and Life-Cycle management, including Operation and Maintenance.

Hitachi Rail STS expands on the freight market pursuing new business opportunities all around the World; establishing future-based long-lasting partnerships with the main players in the Freight, Heavy Haul and Mining Sectors.

Hitachi Rail STS’ world’s first satellite based signalling and communications solution enables freight rail operators to achieve new levels of safety, efficiency and reliability. The solution can be scaled up or down to match changes in network capacity and has been designed to enable upgrades to driverless operation if required by an operator any time in the future. Hitachi Rail STS’ heavy freight solution can be integrated into existing rail systems and customised accordingly, and this is why Hitachi Rail STS is the world’s leading integration partner in heavy haul and mining railways.

Freight and heavy transport lines

Hitachi Rail STS is a global partner in the freight, heavy haul and mining railway transport sector. Sophisticated modular and scalable control and planning systems contribute to a significant increase in the safety, reliability and efficiency levels of railway lines.

The benefits of the solutions offered by Hitachi Rail STS’s freight, heavy haul and mining transport systems

Hitachi Rail STS’s innovative signaling and telecommunication systems include satellite positioning, advanced automation dispatching and driverless operations:

Satellite-based Railway Signaling System:

Pioneering Innovations:

  • First CBS system using SIL4 GPS localization system
  • First SIL4 Moving Block on a Freight System
  • First SIL2 Train and Hi-Rail with Driver Assist system

System highlights:

  • CBS system enables safe and efficient control of train movements across the rail network
  • Data exchange via dedicated radio communications system
  • TETRA IP Radio used for Control Centre - Trains communications and for Possession Management – Track Worker Terminal
  • Onboard Location Determination System (LDS) module using satellite positioning
  • Solution certified by an Independent Safety Assessor (ISA) as SIL4 for CBS Trains and SIL 2 for IETO and Hi-Rails


  • Solution based on moving block with minimum wayside equipment and thus low O&M costs
  • Train spacing dynamically calculated on-line based on the braking distance required by each train
  • Provides increased route capacity
  • Allows the implementation of cost-effective solutions which can be strengthened and expanded over time
  • Allows smooth migration to a fully automated system (including management of driverless trains)

Driverless Freight Operations

Hitachi Rail STS’ automated train management technology is enabling Rio Tinto to operate the world’s first fully-automated heavy haul, long distance railway system.

Hitachi Rail STS has delivered a series of signalling, train control and communications systems upgrades to increase the capacity and efficiency  of Rio Tinto’s iron ore operations.

Automation 2.0 – Hitachi Rail STS Enterprise Dispatching System

Hitachi Rail STS’ Enterprise Dispatching System is our vision of the “Digital Rail” concept, a platform that connects and integrates rail operations across a network, enabling significant operational improvements by leveraging the power of advanced software technologies, big data, and analytics. It comprises the following building blocks:

  • A revolutionary Dispatching System that evolves from the existing dispatching system to the future system, with new, enhanced functionalities
  • A field-proven Movement Planner technology with real-time (on-line) train planning optimization and strategic (off-line) planning capabilities, including schedule optimization
  • Integration of Big Data and Analytics for deeper operational visibility, situational awareness, and decision support. Access data to provide visibility into operations

All built in an open, scalable, safe and secure Enterprise Architecture that enables integration across systems, including Data Management Framework and Infrastructure.

Main Freight, Mining and Heavy Haul projects:


  • Rio Tinto Iron Ore  – Signalling and Telecommunication: Radio-based Signalling with Automatic Driving
  • Roy Hill Iron Ore – Signalling and Telecommunication: Radio-based Signalling with Satellite Localization
  • Fortescue Metal Group – Signalling and Telecommunications
  • Hamersley Iron Lang Hancock Rail – Signalling, Telecommunications and Asset Protection
  • PTA (formerly Westrail) Koolyanobbing-Kalgoorlie – Signalling Systems (Interlocking)

United States

Positive Train Control (PTC)

  • VitalNet™ PTC Components and Systems already implemented:
    • Union Pacific
    • CSX Transportation
    • Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railways

Office Systems:

  • Over 80,000 km of freght lines managed by Hitachi Rail STS office Systems, amon which:
    • Union Pacific
    • CSX Transportation

MicroLok  II Interlocking & Signalling Components (LED Signals, Level Crossings, Relays, Track Circuits, Switch Machines)

  • Over 10,000 units sold to US Class I Railroads, Canada & Latin America