Shenyang Metro Line 1

Union Switch & Signal Inc. (US&S®) has been awarded a contract to design and build a  Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) system for the Shenyang Subway Line 1 and extension line. The CBTC system will provide the highest levels of operational performance, availability, efficiency, and safety.

Copenhagen Driverless Metro System

Copenhagen is a growing capital and has been reviewing future traffic plans accordingly. In 1996 Copenhagen chose the most sophisticated metro system yet seen in Europe, when the contract was signed with the old Ansaldo Trasporti for a driverless transit system across and under the city.

Milan Metro Line 5

The project for line 5 of the Milan metro is being managed through a project financing scheme.

Rome Metro Line C

Line C of the Rome Metro (and its depot/warehouse) represents the largest infrastructure project currently in progress in Italy, and one of the longest construction sites in Europe; the client is Società Roma Metropolitane Srl, the general contractor is the Metro C joint stock consortium, in which Hitachi Rail STS has a 14% stake.

Brescia Automated Driverless Metro

The Brescia automated driverless metro is a completely automated transport system similar to that built by Hitachi Rail STS in Copenhagen, in operation since 2002, with trains that travel completely safely and regularly without any operator on board.

Metro Riyad

In the North of the Saudi Capital Riyad, a huge site is under construction in order to host the biggest University in the world in one single site.
Starting in May 2009, the PNU-APM Project has a challenging target of opening in May 2011, only 24 months for the Design, the Construction and the Test & Commissioning of a complex system such as the Driverless Metro.

Naples Metro Line 6

Line 6 of the Naples metro is an important part of the urban rail network, carrying around 11% of all the city’s public transport passengers.

Thessaloniki Driverless Metro

The Thessaloniki metro occupies an important position among Hitachi Rail STS’s main projects.This is due to both its high degree of technological innovation, which is based on the corresponding system already built in Copenhagen (currently the only driverless system functioning in Europe), and the strategic importance of winning this tender on the Greek market, which represents a new outlet for the group, offering exciting opportunities for further contracts.

Paris Metro

Since its creation in 1902, Ansaldo STS France has contributed to the Paris Metro signalling system.

Los Angeles Metro Green Line

Union Switch and Signal Inc. (US&S®) provided an Automatic Train Control (ATC) system for service on the LACMTA Metro Green Line Light Rail Transit System in Los Angeles, California.  It is the first light rail transit control system in North America.

Genoa Metro

The Genoa metro is a manned light rail system.

Hong Kong Metro

Execution of a supervision system for each of the 37 Metro stations of the Island line, Kwun Tong line and Tsuen Wan line lines.
First commissioning: July 2000.

Naples Metro Line 1

Given the city’s geography, there is a difference in level along Line 1 of Naples’ metro system of about 235 metres, with some sections having a gradient of 5.5%, compared to the maximum limit allowed by railway standards of 6%.  This gradient remains constant for almost half of the entire stretch currently in operation, which makes this the metro line with the world’s highest gradient. Particular attention has therefore had to be focused on civil design, in particular of the technical systems.

Newcastle Metro

Replacement of the Operation Control Center (OCC) system for the 59 km network of tracks including 46 stations.
Commissioning: June 2001.

Metro Campania North East Naples-Giugliano-Aversa Line

As part of a temporary consortium, Hitachi Rail STS is developing the Metro Campania North East (MetroCampania Nord-Est). This will restore and upgrade the old Alifana railway, built in 1914, whose lower branch linked Naples and Santa Maria Capua Vetere, crossing densely-populated areas of the Naples hinterland, while the upper branch continued to Piedimonte Matese.

Chicago Metro Blue Line

As part of the complete rehabilitation of the 6.6 mile CTA Blue Line 54th/Cermak Branch, Union Switch & Signal Inc. (US&S®) provided an automatic signal system to replace the existing system from Paulina Junction on the Green Line to 54th Avenue Yard on the 54th/Cermak Branch. Specific work included ten relay-based vital interlockings, three emergency crossovers, 200 AF-700TM track circuits, 37 Power Frequency (PF) track circuits, 42 M-23 switch machines, 50 LED color light signals, 50 train stops, and ten highway grade crossing warning systems.

Sassari Metro

Sassari’s surface level metro is a transport system constructed by Hitachi Rail STS as part of a temporary consortium of companies together with Condotte (civil engineering work) and Ventura (rail tracks). The line has been in operation for passengers since October 2006 and is managed by Ferrovie della Sardegna.

Lima Metro

The Lima metro, or Urban Train, will cover a total distance of 38 km and link the city with the port of Callao.

Birmingham Metro Line 1

In August 1995, Ansaldo STS, in partnership with Laing Civil Engineering, was awarded the concession to design, build and operate line 1 of the Midland Metro for 20 years. Subsequently, West Midlands Travel Limited (a bus operator in Birmingham) also became part of the consortium.

Shanghai Metro Line 2

In December 2002, Union Switch & Signal, completed delivery of the first Automatic Train Control (ATC) system in China featuring state-of-the-art digital FSK track circuits and profile-based cab signalling.

Lisbon Metro Line D

Signalling, ATC and ATS equipments of the Lisbon Metro Line D. Commissioning:  May 1998

Dublin Light Rail System

The Dublin light rail transit system is a modern urban tram system which runs off an overhead power supply.

Folsom Corridor Light Rail Extension (Sacramento, USA)

Union Switch & Signal Inc. (US&S®) provided the signalling system for a 7.5-mile extension to the Sacramento Regional Transit District’s (SRTD) light rail system. The scope of the work included three microprocessor-based interlockings, 42 AC track circuits, two switch machines (free issued), 14 highway crossings, and a TWC system (free issued).

Florence Tram (lines 1, 2 & 3)

Florence’s new tramway was designed in response to the growing demand for mobility, while meeting the requirements for a transport system with low environmental impact.