Transportation Systems and in particular Driverless Metro are now a consolidated product with fully automated functions.

Today Automatic Transportation Systems up to Driverless Fully Unmanned Metro (UTO) represent the most advanced and effective solutions for higher passenger expectations.

Different Client approach, Country regulations, contract organization with multiple interfaces, challenging construction schedule, require technological leadership and worldwide experience.

High performance levels, transport capacity, safety and service availability require a structured integrated approach to the design, that transportation engineers can gain only after years of experience.

Main contractor capability and Construction Organization leadership have to be put in place to drive the construction team during all implementation phases and moreover during the warranty period or during Operation & Maintenance period, which is frequently requested by turnkey contracts.

The recognition, by Client and Authorities, of the necessity of acquired knowledge and seriousness to face important technical and contractual issues that are always present in complex contracts as Transportation turnkey solutions, has become a matter of fact.

A wide suppliers field, located in several countries with a background of years of common activities is an important key to have continue synergies to face and solve the Project’s challenges and, at the end: meet the expectations, achieve the Client satisfaction and its acceptance.

The most important of our values is the Customer satisfaction, one of the levers is to have a capable and organized On Site Project Team to interface one-on-one with the client organization.

As soon as a Contract is awarded we organize our staff to create a Local Team (resident in the country where the work will be carried on) who will take care of Management, Design, Planning, Purchasing, Logistic, Construction, Health&Safety, Environment, RAMS, Installation, Commissioning, Start up, Warranty, and O&M (if requested).

We have the capabilities to cover the role of General Contractor, or Leader in Joint Ventures with Civil Work Companies and Rolling Stock manufacturers.

Turnkey Projects in the railway business normally require a long effort that a company has to do in a foreign country with strong work load and elevated financial commitments: vision and company solidity are essential in order to overcome these difficulties that are present from the tender up to the end of the construction phase.

Turnkey Projects require a significant amount of work and a high level of expertise to manage:

  • Requirements (Traceability, Allocation, Validation)
  • Interfaces (technical between Subsystems or Procedural with all stakeholders).

This is done through the use of primary tools shared with the Project Owner who can check timely “on-line” the progress.

Market is also changed with an improvement request of brownfield solution where the technical and organizational criticalities are emphatized due to implementation of new solutions on existing and its service system.

This capability is the result of years of work and interaction among different projects, country and authorities that permits a growing up on the Safety and more over system items that are the hinges of a high technological project.

Simulation & Requirements management tools, system approach with problem solving attitude, engineers with appropriate experience are part of Turnkey capability of our company.

Methodology & Quality: to face frequently new or different types of problems the key is to have consolidated methodologies, such as process and procedures, these will permit a rapid and constant progress and resolution, using the contributions of different and highly specialized teams working in parallel on several projects.

The definition of project processes and procedures are the quality tasks always needed and implemented to improve the Project’s Team efficiency.

This background of procedures are the result of work organization and company stability in term of objective, guidance and persons.

For a company to get to stay in the system market is the result of years of work that have led to the growth of the skills of their employees.

Hitachi Rail STS is the worldwide leader in designing and building UTO Turnkey Automatic Transportation Systems, with several projects around the world, for instance:

  • Copenaghen M1/M2
  • Riyadh Princess Noura
  • Brescia Metro
  • High Speed lines
  • Milan Line 5
  • Rome Line C
  • Light Rails System (Dublin, Florence, Genoa, Aarhus)
  • Metrogenova
  • Naples Line 1 and 6
  • Thessaloníki Metro
  • Taipei Circular Line
  • Copenhagen CityRingen
  • Riyadh Metro Line 3
  • Honolulu
  • Milan Line 4
  • Metro Lima
  • Glasgow Metro
  • Sanying Metro