Hitachi Rail STS acts as a recognized provider of operations and maintenance (O&M) services for a wide range of transportation systems designed and delivered worldwide, including turnkey, signalling infrastructures, vehicles, buildings and facilities.

Our O&M services are enhanced by an extensive experience in the planning, design, and construction of all major forms of transportation infrastructure, and by a concurrent engineering approach that guarantees a strong interaction between O&M provider and Design and Build (D&B) team from the early stage of the project and for the whole life of the system.

O&M keys of success and added value for our Customers:

  • Design for Support: leveraging on the experience as Operator, we design solutions that are fit for purpose longer, focused on In-Service requirements and Operating constrains and enable functionalities for better service provisioning; 
  • O&M program improvement: Handling the field feedback as a proactive base of knowledge, Hitachi Rail STS provides a critical perspective in developing an effective O&M program that promotes safety, efficiency, system performances and passenger satisfaction reducing long-term operating costs;
  • Single point of contact for the system’s whole life: acting as both D&B contractor and O&M Provider, Hitachi Rail STS guaranties to his Clients a smooth transition in the revenue service managing the handover obligations and responsibilities still under a unique contractor; 
  • Effective O&M staff mobilization: the key people of the upcoming O&M organization can be involved early in test & commissioning stage, familiarize with the system and maximise their expertise through an on the job training and knowledge sharing before the revenue service; 
  • Escalation process for major faults: our O&M services can guarantee a 24/7 technical support from Design Build team who can be promptly activated for major fault resolution through remote and call-out support.

Hitachi Rail STS O&M expertise covers:  

  • Development and implementation of asset management and maintenance programs
  • O&M staff mobilization and training
  • Development of depot and facility infrastructures implementation of maintenance programs
  • 24/7 remote and call-out technical support delivery
  • Spares and repairs management
  • Obsolescence management

Our O&M projects range from Europe to UAE, South America, USA, India and Australia, among others.

Whether provided as stand-alone services, or part of a suite of services supporting project delivery and operation, Hitachi Rail STS O&M services assist clients in protecting vital and safe transportation infrastructure assets and extending their operational life.