Interlockings of Computerized systems designed to meet the different needs of our customers:

Simple interlocking system for railway “Multi-station” for entire rows

Wayside platform

Since the late Nineties, Hitachi Rail STS has implemented the requirements for the “open” platform on standard protocols, such as: lines TVM Lyon and Marseille, ERTMS lines Rome-Naples, Turin-Milan, Milan-Bologna, Zheng-Xi, Madrid-Lleida, Cambrian, Poricany - Kolin, Haparandabanan, CBTC lines in Chengdu, Shenyang, Ankara and conventional line Turin-Padua.

Hitachi Rail STS has implemented the platform WSP (Wayside Standard Platform) that is able to manage a reduced number of basic components, a higher number of bodies square and train connections to integrate into one central place, security features, diagnostics and control of movement appropriate to represent the best response to the market demands increasingly sophisticated rail and metro.

Computer Based Interlocking

  • For small stations / Interlocking
  • For medium-sized / large stations / Interlocking
  • For an entire line (“Multistations”)

Other trackside equipment:

  • Automatic block systems
  • Track circuits
  • Eurobalises
  • Hot box and hot wheel detectors
  • Point machines/switch machines
  • Vital relays
  • Level crossings
  • Data transmission equipment
  • Power supply equipment
  • Diagnostic System (TCCS).