Hitachi Rail STS Mass Transit solution is focused on urban mobility, characterized by high traffic densities; peak hours on relatively short routes that need high level of security, availability, flexibility and reliability in order to provide regular passengers comfort and operational efficiency.


Conventional Metro

Track Circuit basedCBTC based 
Milan Metro Lines 1, 2 (Italy)  Paris (France) Line 3 - (12 km)
Rome Metro Lines A, B (Italy)  Shenyang (China) Line 1(29 km), Line 2 (25 km)
Naples Metro Lines 6 (Italy)  Chengdu (China) Line 1 (15 km), Line 2 (41 km)
Paris RER A (France) Xi’an (China) Line 2 (26,6 km)
Naples Metro Lines 1 (Italy)  Hangzhou (China) Line 1 (53,6 km), Line 2 (18,6 km) 
Seoul Lines 5, 7, 8 (South Korea)  Zhengzhou (China) Line 1 (26,2 km)
Dallas DART LRT (USA) Ankara (Turkey) Lines M1 (32 km), M2 (18 km), M3 (8 km),
M4 (5 km)*
Portland West Side Corridor LRT (USA)  Dalian Lines 1, 2 (China) 
Shanghai Line 2 (China) & Extension Navi Mumbai (India)Metro (21 km)
Lisbon Line B (Portugal)  Driverless Metro
Los Angeles Green Line (USA) 
Tanjin-Binhai (China)   
Charlotte South Corridor LRT (USA)   
Pittsburgh South West Corridor LRT (USA)   
Belo Horizonte Metro (Brazil)   
Shanghai Line 2 West Extension (China)   
Chicago Blue Line (USA)   
Genoa Line 1 (Italy)   
Sao Paulo Lines 7, 9 (Brazil)   
Shanghai Line 2 East Extension (China)   
Pittsburgh North Shore Corridor (USA)   
Washington DC Red Line & Blue Lines (USA)   

*Ankara Metro received the Safety Assessment Approval for CBTC operation.

Updated Ankara Metro progress is highlighted with the completion of the CBTC system installation, testing and commissioning activities for the M1, M2, M3 lines in August 2015.  On 17th March 2016 Safety Assessment Report and Certificate for M1, M2 and M3 lines was issued for regular Revenue Service in CBTC mode.  The CBTC system for the M1, M2 and M3 lines have been available to the Client use, ready for Revenue Service, since 17th March.

Driverless Metro

Track Circuit basedCBTC 
Copenhagen Lines M1/M2 (Denmark)  Taipei Circular Line (Taiwan)
Riyadh University PNU (Saudi Arabia)  Copenhagen City Ring (Denmark) 
Brescia (Italy)  Milan Line 4 (Italy)
Milan Metro Line 5 (Italy) Riyadh Metro (Saudi Arabia)
Rome Metro Line C (Italy)  Lima Metro Lines 2, 4 (Peru)
UI-Shinseol (Korea)  Glasgow Subway (Scotland)
Honolulu (USA)   
Thessaloniki (Greece)   


Turnkey Unattended Metro around the World

The Driverless Unattended metro assures high performance, both in terms of technology and transportation capacity. The following are the main references of Hitachi Rail STS driverless unattended metro solutions around the world (Copenhagen M1/M2 operated by Hitachi Rail STS since 2002, Milan line 5, Milan line 4, Brescia, Rome line C, Thessaloniki, Taipei, Riyadh, Copenhagen City ring M3/M4, Honolulu, Lima, etc.).

Hitachi Rail STS has more than 250 km of Unattended Metros projects all over the world.

Copenhagen M1/M2 21 km double track double tunnel 22 min 90 s 12,000
3 cars per train
13 + 3 years
In operation
since 2002
Brescia 13.7 km double track single tunnel 17 min 90 s 17,000
3 cars per train
2 years of operation 7 years of mainten.
Thessaloniki 9.5 km double track double tunnel 13 min 90 s 21,000
4 cars per train
3 years of service assistance
Rome line C 25 km (+17)
double track
double  tunnel
min 120 s 36,000
30 (+13)
6 cars per train
Local existing Operator training
Milan line 5 12.6 km double track single tunnel 19 min 75 s 28,000
4 cars per train
27 years           as member of the Concess.
Taipei (CBTC) 15.4 km
double track
14 min 90 s 26,000
4 cars per train
Future system extension: 52 km,
56 stations,
64 trains
Riyadh Princess Noura Univ.
11.3 km double track viaduct 14 min 90 s 4,400
2 cars per train
3 years
Copenhagen City-ring (CBTC) 17 km double track double tunnel 17 min 100 s 12,000
(4 p/m2)
3 cars per train
5 + 3 years
Honolulu 32 km double track viaduct 21 min 90 s 7,200
(3.2 p/m2)
4 cars per train (38.5m)
12 years
Milan Line 4 (CBTC) 15.2 km
double track double tunnel
21 min 75 s 28,000
4 cars per train
25 years           as member of the Concess.
Riyadh Line 3 (CBTC) 40.7 km double track double tunnel 22 min 90 s 18,000
2 cars per train
10 years option               In
in 2019
Lima Lines 2-4 (CBTC) 35 km double track single tunnel 35 min 80 s Line 2

Line 4
6 cars per train
30 years          as member of the Concess.
Glasgow Subway (CBTC) 10.5 km twin subway lines  15 min 90 s   17
(39 m)
10 years 

Tramway (Including Catenary Free)

Tramway (Including Catenary Free)
Midland Line 1 LRT - Birmingham (UK)
Metrolink Manchester (UK)
Sassari LRT (Italy)
Dublin Lines A, B, C (Ireland)
Florence Lines 1, 2, 3 (Italy)
Metro Campania Nord Est (Italy)
Zuhai Catenary Free (China)