Hitachi Rail STS can operate transportation systems 24/7 and provide complete maintenance to ensure full service availability. Since 2002, Hitachi Rail STS has successfully operated and maintained the Copenhagen Driverless Unattended Metro. Moreover, has been already awarded the O&M contract for the Honolulu Driverless Unattended Metro and other projects all over the world.

Hitachi Rail STS provides maintenance services for numerous railway networks and metro lines around the world, including:

  • Channel Tunnel Rail Link (UK)
  • Madrid-Lerida High Speed Line (Spain)
  • Union Pacific, CSX (USA)
  • Northwest and Perth TCS (Australia)
  • Mainline railway (Botswana)
  • Metros (Paris, Lyon)
  • La Robla - Pola de Lena (Spain)
  • Glasgow Subway (Scotland)